With the experience of five years selling products in the cosmetics industry, Alpinesoft E-Kart LLP has come up with its home brand, Juvia Essentials. The brand was formed with the motive of delivering only the highest-quality skincare products to the customers.

Before we delve deeper into our range and brand, we would like to shed some light on the name of our brand. Juvia, a word that has its origin in almost every culture, be it Japanese, Spanish, or Indian, is a symbol of utmost purity. Although the word may have different names in different cultures, they all essentially boil down to the same meaning – rain.

The reason why we wanted this concept of rain to be a part of our brand is because of what it defines and denotes. Rain is seen almost everywhere in the world as a symbol of serenity, clarity, and cleanliness. Additionally, it also signifies the purity and freshness that rain leaves in the environment.

This concept is engrained in our values because we, at Juvia Essentials, formulate skincare products that work just like the rain to clarify, purify, nurture, and love your skin. Our skincare range, including face washes, lotions, and face packs, amongst others are made with utmost precision and with the use of the highest quality ingredients. We really have poured our hearts into the cultivation of this brand and all its products.

Right from the moment you hold our product in your hand, you will be able to experience supreme quality and exclusive luxury, all at a reasonable price. Being an Indian brand, we also take pride in the fact that all of our raw materials, including the bottles, jars, and labels, along with the supreme quality ingredients are Made in India.

We hope that as our valued customers, you will appreciate shopping with us. In the off chance that you have any inquiries or want to leave feedback, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at info@juviaessentials.com.